Saturday, March 12, 2011

Teeth? We don't need no stinkin' Teeth!

Bug has had a "wiggly toof" for a while now. This week she has actually been wiggling it, and today was the day.
She came in our bedroom early this morning and asked her Daddy to pull it out. She wasn't scared at all, she was ready!

See, we're still in bed and Cary doesn't have his glasses!
Cary is very cute. He always tells the girls that he's "very sorry if it hurts" and he "loves them so so much". After that and a smooch on the forehead, he is ready.

It only took *one* yank, and it was out! There were no tears, no whines, just a patient and excited little BugBug.

    The Tooth! She was very curious what it looked like and felt like.

A Happy BugBug!

Now, all we hear about is her "dollar" from the tooth fairy! She's super stoked. She's already put her little tooth on her window sill so that the tooth fairy can pick it up on her rounds tonight. :) 
Cary asked her, "What if the tooth fairy is poor and doesn't have a dollar?"
Her reply? "Oh, Daddy, she got lotsa dollars!"

Happy Saturday Y'all!

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