Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Gnome.....has come back!

Remember the hideous lawn ornament feud that we are having with our family? Well, we've been out done. Utterly and completely out done. We came home yesterday afternoon and found this lovely creature waiting to come inside. My seven year old wanted to go give it back immediately to the giver, but no we must wait for the right time. My three year old is convinced that it is a miniature Santa and wants to hold him all the time. My five year old just wants to stay away from him at all costs. I think he might give her nightmares!

The hubs and I just stared in awe at the detail that our dear perpetrator gave to Gary. Gary, the Gnome. I don't think I like that name much for him, but I can't think of a clever G name for him. Anyone have any suggestions?

Who doesn't Love a Tutu??

I found this blog today because I've been searching for my girls a tutu. My 3yr old thinks she needs to wear one every day, all day. So, I need to find a cute one, right? They are having a giveaway at Miss Priss Tutus and I am kind of in love with her new ogranza tutu. All of her work looks fantastic and I am crossing my fingers to win one! Head over to her blog to check it out and enter to win the giveaway too!
Having three girls makes you look at frilly pretty stuff all the time....I guess that's ok. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Giveaway!! Cool Stuffs!

I just happened over to "The Giveaway" and saw this awesome giveaway that she's doing today. She has three choices from the store Bisou Boutiques! Seriously cool stuff. I love the metal wire spheres. I think I must have them for my living room. The hubs wont mind if it's something for the house right? He appreciates cute stuff for the house as much as I do, right?? HA!
So, go check it out and enter to win. :)
Or....just go peruse their site. My birthday is in September. :)

Thankful Thursday

I have a blogging pal, Devri, who does this each and every week. I have decided that I will start doing it as well. It's almost like sharing your testimony with the world, and I for sure need to do that more often. I honestly can't remember how I happened onto Devri's blog. I love reading her posts and sharing in her experiences. For some dumb reason I felt a connection to her and her family. It is probably because her husband is from Tonga and we all know how I feel about polys. :)
So, on with the show!

1. The Priesthood. I can honestly say I could not have survived this past year, especially, without Priesthood blessings. I'm grateful I have a worthy husband who blesses our family with his Priesthood.

2. Primary Songs. I can feel the Spirit so strongly through music. I love listening to my girls sing "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeep, a Suuuunnbeep!"

3.A very patient husband. Dunno what I'd do without him. He's a keeper for sure.

4. Miniature Mr.Goodbar candy bars. I can eat three of them and not feel like a schlub. Is that a lot? Don't tell me if it is.

5. Fabulous Friends who lift my spirits daily. I love checking my email to find a note or checking my blog to see who has left a comment. I love comments. They make my day. Have I mentioned that I love comments?

6.Bedtimes. 'nuff said. :)

7. My electric toothbrush. Weird, perhaps. I love it. I hate regular toothbrushes now. I may very well be earning my seat in the crazy house.

Ok. I'm only going to do 7 for now. I may post more later, but homework calls and I must try to figure out some 2nd grade math problems. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Momma

Okay, so I lost the mommy of the year award some time ago. Today I threw rocks at it. I love playing with girls and we love making each other laugh. We try to make our home a fun place, and most of the time we succeed. I have to roll my eyes a little bit at that because as I sit here in my 3 yr old's room she is screaming her guts out and crying like a mad little monkey. She had early bedtime tonight and she is not happy about missing Dora! Rude Mommy!
Anyway, we sat down to dinner tonight and the girls started singing...."God gave us Families, lalalalalamuttermutter to be what He wants us to be mutter mutter" It was darling. It doesn't matter what kind of mood I am in or the kind of day that I have had, as soon as I hear them singing Primary songs my heart melts and my spirit soars. It's a beautiful sound.
So- on with my rock throwing story. Tonight for our veggie we had steamed veggies. (Has anyone had them green giant steamers?? Fabulous invention! The veggies are so yum and you just throw it in the microwave for 5 minutes, IN THE BAG!, and Voila!) In the veggie mix was yellow and white corn, carrots, and ASPARAGUS! The hubs hates asparagus pretty much with all of his being, but I threatened his WOW time so he shushed it. Everything was going along fine and no one had said anything about the new green veggie on their plate. My 7 year old ate it quickly and said that it was good, but it was a bit mushy. My 3 yr old didn't touch any of her veggies. But, then, there's my 5 year old. She's my cuddly little clown. She says, "Mommy my green beans look really WEIRD today!" With as much of a straight face as I could muster I asked her what was wrong with them. She picked one up and poked it in my face. "LOOK! What's wrong with it!? What in the world are those things sticking out!?!" I got the giggles so bad. I covered my face with my hand and with the napkin and started sniffing. Hubs was laughing at me and shaking his head. My 7 yr old picked up on it and told the 5 yr old to just eat it because she was hurting my feelings! That made me laugh harder and I was crying by this point. I blurted out, "I just want you to eat your dinner so we can have Family Home Evening!" She poked her finger in my eye to see if I really was crying. Then she put her head on me because she did, in fact, feel bad for making me sad! I felt like poop on a toad. I looked at her and she was tearing up and said that she would eat them, even if they did taste really bad. I had to give her a cuddle and say that I was sorry too. She did eat them all and never complained after that.
She told me I was a stinky Mommy. I probably deserve that.
Maybe tomorrow we will try beets!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some Sunday Musings

Ch ch ch changes...turn the page....chaaaanges.
What if I started every post with a song! I wish I could be that clever!
Last week our bishop was realeased and a new bishopric was called. This is the first time I have had to deal with a change like this since I was baptized in 2002. Our old bishop is an absolute saint. He has been there for us and guided us with his wise counsel. I am grateful for him and his service. The new bishop will do a good job, too, I'm sure.
Today the Relief Society President caught me after Primary and had a tiny little white slip of paper. I knew what that meant and there was no escape!! I usually love my Relief Society Prez., we've known her for eons and she called us to Primary when I was so new to the church. It was such a good calling for me and I'm so glad to be able to say that I'm still in the Primary! So, there we were standing in the hallway, staring at one another...very reminiscent of a John Wayne movie. I tried to dodge her but she was too spry for me. She stopped me cold and handed me the small white piece of paper. New VT companion. New sisters. NOooooooooooooo. I love my companion and I love my sisters that I teach. I'm finally completely comfortable with everyone!
Perhaps I should have prefaced this post by saying how much I dislike changes. I don't do well with changes. I'm not a fan.
This afternoon made me forget about all of it though. We sat down for lunch and Cary decided to turn on the Primary CD so that we could have some background music. I have decided that there are fewer sweeter sounds than the sound of your child(ren) singing a Primary song. It's beautiful and you can feel the Spirit so strongly. Cary and I just looked at each other and smiled widely. We were so proud of our girls. I'm so thankful that they are finally getting the exposure to the Gospel that they deserve. We have seen such a change in the countenance since they first arrived.
Maybe *all* changes aren't bad. Maybe I can like a few changes here and there.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Giveaways Galore!!

I need to make a post, yes I do. I need to do some journaling, yes I do. I will. I will.
I need a minute or ten to get my thoughts out.
In the meantime please head over here to this Great! site and enter some fab giveaways!

The blog is Be Different....Act Normal and I kind of love it. She's fun and has some great things on her page. Go over and have a look. She has a lot of awesome Etsy shops on her site and I must admit I am going to buy some decals for my girls' rooms!! love em!!
But, be sure and come back because I will have some venting to do and I need your sweet words. :)