Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A little back tracking...

Well, we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. There are many words to describe the beauty of the temple. I wish I were more eloquent and could give an accurate and beautiful description of our experience.
Our kiddos were actually quite excited to go to the temple, the girls more so than the boys I think. They love getting dressed up and wearing their fancy dresses and their clicky shoes. I have to admit that I love watching them. My oldest boy wore his new suit. Yes, the boy wore his suit in 100 degree weather. I tried to convince him to leave the jacket, but he was not having it. He wanted to look just as snazzy as his good ol' dad. Yes! Cary wore his suit as well....jacket and all! I could not believe how hot it was. I was very impressed by the air conditioned tents outside however. What a nice surprise!
We were able to score a nice seat in the first tent and the movie started about five minutes after we got there. It was quite lovely and the voice sounded quite familiar! :)
The kids were so excited to go inside the temple that they could barely sit still.
The moment we walked into the temple I felt the sweet peace of the Spirit. I was almost immediately overwhelmed as I walked hand in hand with my little girls. It's been a long road with these little lovelies and it is quite surreal that we will finally be able to call them OURS on September 15th! Cary and I are so excited to be able to seal them to us. We walked our way through the temple and explained a few different things to the older kids as we came upon them. They were in awe of everything. I think their favorite part was the baptismal font. They thought it was pretty cool. My favorite part was most definitely the sealing room. We were able to sit quietly and listen to the couple bear their testimonies of forever families. I stared at the altar and the mirrors and envisioned our day with our little girls all dressed in white. I'm glad that we were able to sit a while in the sealing room and explain to all of our kidlets the significance of that special room.

I'm so grateful for Temples. I'm grateful that we can be a forever family. I'm grateful for a husband worthy to hold the priesthood and that he always takes care of our family both spiritually and temporally. I love my Savior. I know that He Lives. I'm grateful for Joseph Smith and the Restored Gospel.
I know that it is true.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not the least bit reverent, spiritual, or uplifting BUT....

Okay. Perhaps I should not be blogging about this for the world (yes, I think I am *that* fantastic!) to read. However, I sure needed a giggle today and my little guy gave it to me. I hope you all find it as amusing as I.

My three kids had a fun visit today at which they received some balloons from which people can bend and twist to make animals or what have you. With my five kidlets this was almost as good as going to an amusement park. Deprived you may fear? Perhaps.
They were having a grand time whacking each other in the face or wherever it landed with their beloved balloon....thingies. I was doing quite well at ignoring them and just letting them get it all out. I figure a little latex and some air can't hurt too much, right?
As I said, I *was* doing quite well at focusing elsewhere, that was until my 9 year old decided it would be HILARIOUS to stick his sword-ish balloon out the front passenger window of the van with him being in the middle row. I asked once, Please keep the balloon back there with you, it's not for sticking out the window. Somehow it snuck its way back to the window. I repeated my previous request. He withdrew it.
Now, You may think that my children wouuld never dream of disobeying me not once, not twice, not even three times. This however, would make you crazy. The sword-ish thing found its way to the window a third time. This time I rolled the window up on it! HA! Now this *I* found hilarious! My 9 year old, not so much.
I left the sword in the window until we got home. Every time I looked over I chuckled. Every time I chuckled I could hear a groan from behind me. HA! So, we pull in to our driveway and I release my prisoner and all the kids run out of the van. My 9 year old comes to my door, opens it, and shoves his "sword" at me. "LOOK what you did!" By this time the knife part of the sword had deflated and it was just a long limp skinny piece of balloon. There were two circular blown up "ball" type things at the top of it though. I looked at it and BURST out laughing. I thought I might wee right there. My 10 year old looked at it for a minute and said OH MA! THATS SO GROSS! To which I laughed harder. My 9 year old looked at me, him, his sword, and said OH MY! That looks like some NUTS! At this point I found it difficult to even breathe. However, I composed myself to growl him and tell him that the proper term is testicles! He then said, "FIne! That Looks like some Testicles!!!"

Oh my. How I love having my boys back.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Hiatus

I took a rather long and unexpected Hiatus from the blogging world. I tried to keep up with everyone's blog and got some fantastic ideas for this and that! However, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself for a while and couldn't find the words to write.
Our little lives have been turned upside down this year. We have had a lot of unexpected happenings, but we are grateful for all that Heavenly Father has blessed us with.
We had one of our girls leave our home to return to her previous foster home. It's a long story, one of which I don't wish to share at this time. She was happier there and it was best for her to be there. Our two girls actually thrived in her absence, and we realized that it was the best decision we could make for our family...albeit one of the most difficult.
We have had our two girls since October of last year and they are such a blessing. We love them dearly and can't imagine our lives without their stinky little bodies! Our youngest has come such a long way and we are delighted in her progress. It has been a very long road and we have some to go, but progress is the Key!! :)
During the way the adoption had to be post-poned, and THEN the state lost our fingerprints, background checks, etc etc etc. Lovely! Not only was it inconvenient, but we had to pay for them again! How does it get lost in computer database? Hard copies I can understand, but digital?
We did it again at any rate and we are awaiting their return! Our adoption attorney has set the adoption date for September 15th however!!!! We are thrilled! We are hoping that the date doesnt get pushed back any farther and we can finally become a family...and soon thereafter a forever family!
At the end of May we had a phone call from the caseworker of the kids we had last year for so long. He asked us if we'd be willing to take the three of them back into our home again.
We were shocked and overwhelmed. We couldn't say No,but we had two other little people to think about this time around. Long story short, we now have five total kidlets!!
Zero to Five kids in two years! Holy Cow!! We love each of our kids so much and are blessed by the spirit they bring into our home. I am, however, one tired momma at the end of the day! They keep me hopping and we do have a jam packed schedule, but that keeps us out of trouble! Right?

Well, this is a start to my return to the blog world. It's short and sweet, but it is only the beginning!
This weekend we have a trip to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House and I hope to have a ton of fabulous photos to post!