Monday, November 24, 2008

Craptacular Weekend!

Okay, so I've been a little lax in writing on this blog. Who has the time?! Let me tell you, a three year old keeps you quite busy! The afternoon seems to fly by faster than the speed of light once we take our kindy girlie to school at 12.30pm. And, sleeping in? Fuhgettaboutit! How I miss the days of sleeping in until 9 or 10! Saturday mornings are dance classes bright and early and Sundays are early church! Wow! Talk about complaining! I'm the Queen!
So, Friday we woke up to a yard full of lake. City offices are closed on Fridays, did everyone know that? Great Plan Gov'nuh! I heard the neighbor kids yell at Cary, "What happened to your sprinklers Brother Nicholas!?!" I flew to the window and saw the lake o' water. nice! Cary was late for work and so he left it to me to figure out how to fix the problem! After some calling of after hours numbers, I finally got in touch with a fella who seemed a bit miffed that I was calling him at 8 am on his day off with a problem of massive proportions! Suck it bro! He did come a little after 9:30ish and low and behold the lake was still there and spewing forth more water. I heard him call his co-worker, "yeah it looks like we have to fix this thing today!?" What made him think that he wouldn't? I was quite accurate in my description, yet he doubted me. Bah! They did fix it and here's the photos to prove it. They weren't the friendliest blokes I've ever met, but I probably wouldnt be too friendly either if I had to work on my day still get paid though, yeah?!
Anyway, we are still waiting for them to pave over their hole...and they dang well better!
Saturday came and what would you guess might happen?! Well, our HOUSE sprung a leak this time. NICE! A pipe in the wall, hot water pipe even, sprang a leak and we had to call a plumber ASAP to come and fix it. My basement was soaked and is still a bit stinky. He had to cut into my dining room wall to get to the pipe that was located in the bathroom. We still have the hole. Yes, It's loveLy! the upshot is that I get to paint that wall now. I'm thinking a nice red, Cary however is thinking red does not equal nice. :) So, if your house ever wants to spring a leak, try to talk it into sprining it during the week. Paying for after hours service kinda hurts the pocket book. I should have had a better relationship with our house, and then maybe it would have waited a couple of days. Schoonover Plumbing in Lehi is the absolute best though. Great and Patient guys who are really quite reasonable in their prices. Thanks for fixing it fellas! :)
All of this on top of two sick little girls and one sick big boy that acts like a little girl when he's sick. And, guess what!? Mom got sick too! I stayed in bed most of the day yesterday and so did everyone else. I wish I could stay in bed today too. However, a mummy's life is not one of beds and bon bons is it?
I really thought that I read that in one of the manuals!! Anyway....we're on the mend and Thanksgiving is in a couple of days. I'm really excited to have Thanksgiving with the girls this year. I think it will be lots of fun. I am also going to venture out into the wilds of Black Friday land! When you have to buy 3 baby alives, you have to find the best deals possible! Thanks WalFart! At least you have some good deals! :)