Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disney...On Ice!

I was lucky enough to win 4 tickets to Disney On Ice in Salt Lake City this week, thanks to A Review and A Giveaway! (thanks again!!)
Gabby had seen it on television and has asked to go several times. I have been trying to win tickets for ages and I finally did it! :) Go me! 
Gab's birthday is on Friday, so we made this a special early birthday extravaganza! I decided that we needed to have a special girl only day. I kept it a secret until today and they were so surprised!

                                             We had to pose for a quick photo before the trip.

They were so happy that they squished the Bug! :)

The weather was cooperating with us and it was an easy drive up to Salt Lake. I only got lost turned around  once! Woot!

We arrived and got our tickets. They were EXCELLENT seats! thanks again A Review and a Giveaway!   We were in the 8th row in the 1st section. The girls could see everything perfectly and we were so close!

Hey Mickey!
I. adore. their. faces. 

The truly enjoyed the whole show, but their favorite parts were when these gals came out
All of the princesses! A little girl's dream!

Toy Story!
I thought the pig was hilarious. Gabby was mesmerized by that little troll. 
I think I have about 10 pictures of the troll.

I'm grateful I get to do little fun things like these with my girls. 
It makes my heart happy when I see this


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