Monday, November 16, 2009

Some Family Time, Some Service, Some Giggles....

Last week at our FHE we talked about service and King Benjamin. We talked about how many people have helped us over these past couple of weeks, from everything to food to taking our garbage out, and everything in between.
We want our kids to know how good it feels to give service as well. Even the smallest act of service can be gratefully received.
So, we drew names out of a hat and did a secret service mission. No one was *supposed* to tell who they got and they had to do at least one act of service for that person during the week. We would all tell who we got and what we did for that person on the next FHE, tonight.
The kids really got into it and enjoyed it. They know how blessed we have been by good friends and whanau and so they said it felt good to do something nice for someone else.
This is definitely something we are going to keep doing. It's fun and easy and makes them think of someone besides themselves.

Cary and I had respite this weekend, which means that one of our dear friends watched all five of our kids for us from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. What a blessing! We really needed some quiet time to finish up some business for my dad and I had to go through funeral photos to send back to the family back East. The kids have seen me cry enough for a year or so at least.
It was good to have hubz and wifey time, but we did miss our kidlets.
The first thing my 8 yr old girl did was come in and say, "OH I MISSED YOU SO VERY MUCH!!" :) happiness in my heart!

Bug keeps telling us that she missed us so much while she was gone and asks if we cried a little because we didn't get to see her. Such a stinking cute little mongrel.
We watched UP last night as a family and it was a really cute movie. Started out pretty sucky for me, but it got better. :)

Back to the other story:
So, tonight after we had talked about our secret service missions we decided that everyone earned an extra special treat. We took all the kiddos out to Smart Cookie and had cookies and milk. Yummo! I had 5 free coupons good for 2 cookies and a milk. I think I had to pay $1 for two extra milks. What a deal! The kids loved it and it was good to get out and have some fun.
We got home and got the little girls off to bed and finished up homework with the older kids. My 9 yr old comes to me and says, "Oh I'm so constipated!"
I had some medicine that I got for Bug when she couldn't poop, so I gave him some of it tonight. He was very leery and didn't know if he should take it. He kept asking what it would do to him and if he would be ok. Cary got pretty tired of this pretty quickly and said, "Boy! You're not going to crap your brains out!"
could. not. stop. laughing.
He was so worried and got so serious suddenly, which made me laugh even harder. We then had several fart/poop jokes, which I don't usually laugh at but tonight I couldn't help myself. It was good to laugh again with my boys.
So, that was our night. One of my boys went to bed afraid he was going to poo himself in his sleep and the other one went to bed hoping the other would so he could make fun of him.
I'm off to bed now too, morning comes so quickly.
stinking spinning earth.

THE NAULU TRIBE: Gift of Giving Contest begins

THE NAULU TRIBE: Gift of Giving Contest begins

Devri is doing an amazing thing on her blog.
Check it out!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lean On Me...

So I was sitting in the car tonight waiting on Cary to finish up some business and I turned on the radio. I haven't turned the radio on much since everything has happened. My dad often said that he didn't like country music because it was too sad and hit too close to home. Yes, I am a country music fan. I used to love me some good sad heart break ballad by a country crooner. Now, not so much. I hear him saying those words every time I look at the stereo in the car.
Just. can't. do. it.
I have music loving kids, so this is weird for them. I'll get back there, but not just yet.
Tonight, however, I pushed the button and I heard one of my old time favorites, "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers. I love Bill Withers. His voice is peaceful and beautiful.
The first line says:
"Some....times in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow. But, If we are wise, we know that there is always tomorrow."
Those words rang very true for me this day.
I have been so blessed to have so many wonderful people to lean on these past few weeks. I could not have made it through without them.
My Cary has been my most amazing supporter and protector. I love him dearly and can't imagine my life without him in it. I pray that I never do.

We are healing. I am healing. It is slow. It is painful.
Our lives are somewhat getting back to normal, sometimes I feel very guilty for that.
Thank you for your prayers, your love, your encouraging words.
I am grateful.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Heart of A Little Bug

We are muddling through this week. It has been harder than I thought it would be. Almost everyone in the house has been sick this week. I think 6 out of 7 of us. Gab went in last Saturday and was diagnosed with H1N1 and it was downhill for the rest of us from there. I have tried to be strong and I think I am gett*ing* stronger, but it's a tough road.

Bug told me tonight that she is going to start praying that Poppie can come down from Heaven and visit us. "I miss Poppie so much, Mommy". That, is perhaps, one of the hardest things to hear and it usually pushes me right over the tear filled edge.
I love that she loves him so much and I hope he knows how much his little "love bug" loves and misses him.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

At Rest...

Yesterday was the funeral. It was a day full of sadness and I was anxious. Anxious as to what would happen, seeing the casket, mourning my father so publicly. It was a difficult day.
My dad was laid to rest at Utah Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Camp Williams. It is nearby so I can visit when I need to and decorate and honor his grave. He was laid to rest on a hillside with the mountains behind him and the mountains in front of him.
The VFW was there and paid an awesome tribute to my dad. He received the full 21-gun salute and they played "Taps". It was beautiful. I wept and wept. I was in awe as I watched these older gentlemen in their best uniforms and honoring my dad's memory so brilliantly. I couldn't help but wish that my dad could have lived longer. He was taken to early, for me, although I know it was his time and part of Heavenly Father's plan. The retrieved the flag from his casket, folded it, and presented it to me. The man speaking to me was gentle and kind, and I wish I wouldn't have been crying so hard so I could have heard what he was saying better.

The pallbearers were Cary, Joe (Cary's Dad), Mark (Cary's brother), Justin (our brother-in-law), Steve Anderton, and Jared Carlson. All men whom my dad admired and respected. They carried him quietly and proudly and I wept. Again.
The service was lovely. The songs were perfect. Cary spoke of my dad and his love for him. Our Bishop spoke and said that the first time he met my dad he was impressed with him. The thing that suck out the most was his love for his daughter and that he would do anything for his daughter.
I wept.
It is hard for me to be so open and raw with my emotions. Especially when it is in front of others. I don't like being vulnerable and I don't like to show that weakness. Yesterday, however, I had no control over it.
Things went much more smoothly than *I* thought they would. It was a beautiful service and I know that it made my dad proud. I hope he can feel my love for him beyond the veil and know that I can't wait to hug him again.