Friday, March 25, 2011

11 Years Ago Today....

Today's weather is perfect... Eleven years ago today Cary and I took the plunge. Best day of his life as I like to remind him he says.  It was a rainy and cold morning, which is strange for Arkansas in March. Arkansas is usually hitting the 70s by March!  And, guess who was supposed to have an outdoors wedding? No, not them. US! We had it all planned out with absolute no back up plan. Oh, to be so young and foolish again...

Now, remember, I was not a member of the Church at this time in my life and Cary was less active. I prefer to think that had nothing to do with me. I was panicking. That week before we had been hit from all sides. I remember thinking that our wedding just might not happen at all.
     Some members of my family had decided that since I was going to marry a hell-bound Mormon, they could not support said Mormon and me. I was devastated. I had been extremely close to this family member, almost like siblings. The daughters were supposed to be in my wedding also, already had their dresses made for them. It was crushing. Then, the pastor that I thought I had wanted to marry us decided that he too could not join the unholy to the righteous. I figured out at that point that the people  I had trusted and thought I knew, weren't whatI had once thought. I won't speak badly of them now, I have since moved on and forgiven for all that happened. It was an eye opening experience for me, albeit a very hurtful one as well.
So back to the story...
   Cary had contacted his Bishop and he said he would be delighted to marry us. He knew of the turmoil and bad feelings, and dealt with all of it with dignity and love. I was surprised, and very relieved.
So it was set.
It was to be a smaller wedding now, but it was going forward! Phew!

So, the day arrives. Rain. Rain. And More Rain.

My mother and dear friend ran around like mad women trying to find a place for us to hold the event. I won't even share some of the places that my mom called and suggested. They still give me the shivers. I called Cary and he was his calm pillar of strength self. He called the Bishop and he told us we could be married  in the Relief Society Room of the chapel in Hot Springs. I was nervous and unsure, but my mom and friend had worked so hard to make it the best place possible.
I was so nervous as my Dad and I stood out in the hallway. It was so quiet. I think I had been holding my breath all day. I was finally able to breathe again as he told me how much he loved me and how proud he was of Cary and I. He was crying and I was crying....I haven't thought of that moment in quite some time. It makes me teary, but what a wonderful memory.
The music began and that was our cue. I put my arm through his and he squeezed it tightly. We walked down the short aisle to a nervous Cary. I remember looking into his eyes and knowing. Just Knowing everything was just as it should be.
Bishop Shwerin started the ceremony and he spoke of forever love and eternal marriages and how one day he hoped that we could have that as well. It wasn't preachy or sermon-y, just wise words from a dear, sweet man. He spoke of President Hinckley, whom I had no idea who he was, but the words was perfect. We exchanged rings and a smooch, and it was done. I do remember Cary taking off his glasses and handing them to his best man for the kiss. What a riot! He makes me laugh.

And now, here we are eleven years later. Sealed together for time and eternity. Five children, whom all came to us in a very different way than we had expected, but came to us as Heavenly Father prepared us for them. although, i'm pretty convinced that i'm still not fully prepared All of us sealed as together for time and all eternity.

Happy Anniversary, Cary Jos.
Here's to Forever.

***also, thank you to everyone for the love and prayers that have been sent my way. I appreciate them and love you dearly.***


Kristina P. said...

Hey, anniversaries only one day apart!

The weather was almost exactly like it is right now, blizzardy and snowy. It was such a bummer.

Amy C. said...

Happy Anniversary! You two were made for each other! I wanted to see a picture of your big day!! I love weddings