Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Silliness

Does anyone else let the kids use their camera? At first I was supremely paranoid to let the kids take it and snap their shots, but I've tried to become a bit more mellow. I admit that I sometimes still get the shakes, but I love seeing things through their eyes. I probably have about 213897057349 pictures of the cats and pictures of eyes, mouths, and nasal passages, but I still love it.

First UP:

This cat makes us laugh. All the time. Here is Tonathiu with Harold right after scripture time.

Second photo on the Camera:

Bug with her bunny. I really love her expression. So innocent. So Sweet. 
Third Photo:

Tonathiu ironing his shirt. I'm sure there was mocking involved.

Fourth Photo:

This is Bug's version of taking a nap. Oy. There's so not any sleeping happening. 

Fifth Photo:

Our other fat cat, Marty. She's a blob and we love her. :)

Sixth Photo:

She's even beautiful making this face. :)

Can you tell who usually has the camera?

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