Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday, Gabby Dear!

Gabby turned 8 on Friday! I seriously can't believe she's already 8 years old.

She came to us when she was 5. Three years have really flown by us. 
This is Gabby and Bug on their first night with us. They look so small!

Gab on her big 8 day!

We had a few friends over and per Gab's request we did a treasure hunt to find all of her presents. It's getting harder to come up with hiding spots and clues for said spots, but it is a lot of fun. The kids love going on their adventures.
I love her expression in this one! She had just opened up the present that contained all of her treasure hunt clues. :) 
On The Hunt....

Itztli and Bugga try to figure out their clue

Yoalli found her clue!

Deep in thought while deciphering the puzzle for their next set of clues.


Gabby even let me use one of her new gadgets

We had a good time and I'm so grateful I get to call that stinky little spirit my daughter.

Happy Birthday My Little Gabbalella

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