Monday, February 7, 2011

Hungry, Hungry Kiddos!!

Yesterday was fast Sunday. We leave it up to our kids to decide if they want to fast, but the littles generally choose not to fast. Which, is okay, because they are only 5 and 7.  We are of the opinion that if it's forced, then it is no longer a sacrifice. And, in the end, the kids will just resent it and not learn anything from it. 
   Yesterday was a little bit different. On Saturday, I received several emails and "facebooks" that there would be a ward fast for a dear sweet lady who is in ICU and isn't doing so well. Each of our kids know her and love her dearly, as do we. She and I were visiting teaching companions for a couple of years and she's our neighbor, too. Gabby and Bug love to play at her house with her grandkiddies. She is dear to me and is very motherly to both Cary and I.

   At any rate there were complications from a surgery that she had recently and things took a turn for the worse. 

On Saturday night, right before our Scripture reading, we told the kids what was going on and encouraged them to start their fast with us for our dear friend. They were on board, even Gabs and Bugs. 
We usually have something delicious after our scriptures, but this night we didn't and we might have heard a couple of murmurs about it. Cary gently reminded them of the reason and they quieted.

And so began our fast. I should preface this by saying our church time is 11am-2pm now. Everything was going as smoothly as it can go for a family of 7, all getting ready at the same time. 
I hear a knock on the door about 10:15am, and it's Bug. 
"Mumma, I don't want to fast anymore. I want breakfast!"  I call her into our room to have a cuddle and I ask her if she knows why we are having a special fast for our friend. She replies that she doesn't know. 
As I begin telling her why this fast is so special, I am overcome with the Spirit. I realized more clearly why we were fasting and what it meant. It was such a special moment, one that I do not want to forget. As I finished, I asked her if she wanted to continue to fast or if she wanted to eat some breakfast. She decided that she wanted to continue with her fast. 
and let me tell you, primary classes for little ones is like a candy extravaganza sometimes. She saved all of her treats for after dinner, as did all of the kids.

Dinner is ready!
We made it!
We celebrated by having a huge yummy dinner and more treats than we should have. We were able to talk about our little sacrifice and how important it is. I hope that it will help strengthen our kids' testimonies. 

I also hope that special family feels our love and prayers for them each day. We love you guys. 


Dawna said...

What a sweet, sweet story and an experience that those children will always remember! You and Cary are such angels and even better examples. I think of the sacrifices that you both have made and stand in amazement. You are my hero.

Amy C. said...

I'd love to know what's going on. I wish we had known about the special fast. I am wondering if it is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world who was the Primary President with me?

CaryManda said...

Amy, I just emailed you.

Dawna, I just love you.
thank you.