Thursday, February 10, 2011

BUNCO! I did it!

I finally succumbed to Bunco. I had never, ever played it until last night. And, I played. I was Sooooo not good, but I did it.

 Before the Bunco madness began, I had to leave my littles. Last night Bug was having a particularly hard time with me leaving and this was our conversation:
 Bug: But, where are you going Mumma?
 Me: I'm going with Heidi to play a game at a friend's house.
 Bug: But, I want to go wif yew.
  Me: Sorry, Bugga, this is just a mommy game, but I'll be home in a couple of hours.
 Bug: But!But! You can't leave your baybeee alone.  *smirk*
 Me: Bwahahahaha

Please note that I did not leave her ALONE at all. She was with her Daddy and all of her siblings.
That one, oooooh that one.

I picked up Heidi and after a depressing run to Hart's, NO Fountain DRINKS! Come on Mike! That's insane! and a close call with a red light you're supposed to stop at those?, we finally made it!
 The only person we knew was Jennie at this shindig, and I was a bit nervous it wouldn't be the cat's meow, as it were. I asked Heidi, "What if it isn't fun?!" Heidi replies, "We'll make our OWN fun!"
And we did. We DO.

I didn't win. I was a pretty lousy player, actually. Heidi was the lowest score-er and I was the next! Bwahahaha
But, it was fun!
I hope the other gals can put up with us and will allow us to keep coming.
Thanks Jennie!!
It's good to get a Mommy night out once in a while.
What do you do for Mommy Night's Out?

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