Monday, February 28, 2011

Desserts. Oh. Yeahhhhh

Remember when I posted about this pie? Well, today I am trying it again, this time with a different kind of apple AND I"m adding rolled oats to the mix. I basically just wanted to start chowing down before I even transferred it into the crock. It smells divine...cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice....Yum-o!

On the post with the chocolate cake recipe from Dawna Mae,    I got a lovely comment from Ginger @ The Crock Pot Recipe Exchange.
How excited do you think I was....another whole big site all about crock pots?! Woo to the Hoo.
While I was over visiting I found a recipe that sounded divine! Slow Cooker Strawberry and Dumplings!!
Seriously? Can you imagine? Add some whipping cream and maybe even a chocolate shaving or two or eight. 

Mock me if you must, but I do so love the crock pot!

Tonight, however, I'm making "Enchilalas" in the *gasp* Oven! The apple pie is cooking away in the crock pot, though, don't you worry.  

What's for dinner at your house? 

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