Friday, December 24, 2010

Yoalli's Singing Career part Dos

On Monday night we went to Temple Square to listen to Yoalli in part two of her concert series. She performed at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and it was spectacular. Seriously took my breath away. I hadn't been in the building before, yes apparently I live under a rock, and it was beautiful. There were other choirs performing as well and it was lovely to sit and listen to them while we waited for Yoalli's turn. This performance wasn't as much "Fun" as the concert in AF, but it was still wonderful. I'm so proud of my little boballi and all that she accomplishes. She told me that she was a bit nervous, but she prayed to Heavenly Father and he helped her to feel better. I'm grateful that she turns to Him when she's feeling uneasy or scared. After the concert, we toured the visitor's centers,
the Tabernacle,

all of the lovely light displays

and we ended at the Christus statue.

It was amazing sharing that experience with my children. As we walked up the ramp, Bug saw the statue and said, "Ooooh Mumma look at Jesus!"
I'm so grateful for all the time we were able to spend together as a family these past couple of weeks. We have definitely found some new traditions this year.

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