Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Christmas Lights!

A quick family photo before heading out to see da lights!

Last Night our activity was "going to see the Christmas Lights".
 **photos were taken with Cary's Iphone, but I think they turned out pretty good!**

I remember as a little girl my Dad would drive me and my mom around to look at Christmas lights. We would oooh and ahhhh while looking and I think my Dad would get ideas on what more he could do to our house. I remember driving in downtown Hot Springs. Every year this huge historic hotel would have santa and his reindeer on the top of their hotel. For whatever reason, that made it Christmastime for me. I still remember that old hotel and those reindeer "flying" on top of the hotel. I wonder if they still do that.

I still enjoy looking at lights and want our kidlets to enjoy it as well. Last night we all piled into the van and drove to Thanksgiving Point to look at the lights. $8 a car is a little pricey, but our kids really enjoyed it this year. It might have helped that I preplanned a little better this year. I made everyone their very own treat bag. I filled it with pretzels, marshmallows, and peanut M&M's. We also stuck a little Yoo-Hoo drink in the bag. The kids were surprised and so stoked.

Treats, Lights, Christmas Music, Family Time. It was a good night, indeed.

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