Thursday, December 9, 2010

love notes

Cary and I email a lot. I like that we can send love notes back and forth. Well, let's be serious, most of the time they aren't love notes. Usually they are more like, "Yeah, thanks for unloading that dishwasher for me, buttface."
or   "Thanks for washing my wallet for the 2982357th time." my reply? "no problem, learn to take it out of your pants and it would stay dry!"
Yeah, very deep, emotional stuff goes on.

Today, however, was different and I had to blog it so that I could save it.

Cary wrote (to me, I might add!):
I need you for my heart to be happy
cannot be any other way

It's words like those that keeps me from locking him out of the bedroom at night.
He's safe for another week or three.
*post edit*
I wrote him back with :*) perfect words
and he wrote back with
Also, I farted.

Ahhhh. True. Love.

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