Sunday, December 19, 2010


I just love the weekends. I most especially love productive weekends! This Saturday our dear friend watched our kidlets for us while we went and finished shopping, wrapping, etc. It was kind of fabulous. I love her dearly.

After we finished with all of our stuffs, we came home and opened the 7th bag! Fantastic! Saturday's activity was making salt dough ornaments and painting them. Each of my kids are super creative and love making things, Love it!, so this was a perfect activity for our family.

We had never made salt dough ornaments before, but it was sooooo super easy and the kids loved it. Gabby said we most definitely had to do it again. :) I love my little bossy boots angel.

We had to let them cook in the oven for an hour and cool. By that time, it was bedtime and we have early church, so we opted to finish the ornaments on Sunday. I think it's a pretty good Sabbath activity, no?

This is Cuauhtli. That kid amazes me with his creativity. He built an igloo and snow fort with a penguin. We have a thing for penguins in our house. :) It turned out really great!

We had such a good time together. These activities have really made good family fun time possible, it gets so crazy around here.  I am loving all this time special whanau time! :)

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