Friday, December 17, 2010


Continuing on with our 12 day/night of Christmas, we got the game "Pictureka"!
I had found a coupon for $5 off the game online at Bargain Divas and knew it had to be included in our activities. Our family loves playing games!
*bonus! I found it at Target for $5.04! Sweeet!*

I totally spaced getting photos of us while we were playing the game, but all of us had a lot of fun. It's a little card game that everyone could play, including the Bug. It has 4 variations you can play, and Daddy made up our very own version so that it would be easier for the littles to play.
One version is that you start with a letter of the alphabet, let's choose D, and you lay out four cards in 2 second intervals and everyone tries to find a word in one of the pictures that begins with the chosen letter. It allows for a lot of creativity and a lot of, "Ha! Yeah, right!" :)

We had a good time and played it for about an hour without anyone getting bored!

Mission. Accomplished.

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