Sunday, August 23, 2009

A post is a post is a post.

How busy the days go by! We've had five little children in our home since 12 June. It has been one amazingly busy and fun summer here in the Nicholas household. I honestly never thought that we would have five children, let alone get them all at once essentially. I realize what a blessing these little stink bums are in our lives. I probably wouldnt have things any other way. Well, I would change a few things perhaps but mainly about their previous experiences. Unfortunately their short little lives have not been easy nor pleasant for the most part. They are strong and resilient and I pray daily that they will be able to overcome their pasts. They have perhaps the best male role model I could imagine or hope for. Cary is the best daddy to all the kids and I'm ever so grateful for his love and devotion to this family. I know it's not what he had envisioned for our lives either, but Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us, doesn't he? I often wonder what exactly His plan is and wish that He would divulge just a little bit to me. I reckon I will know and understand everything perfectly one day.
This past week school started and oh my that was one happy day! I was a little bit sad for a couple minutes as the kids got out of the car and walked through those double doors to the school. I quickly got over it and headed home for a little girl time with my bug. She has enjoyed it immensely with her siblings gone for most of the day! Mainly because she thinks she's the queen while she's the only one here. I so don't know where she gets THAT!
She will actually start school this Thursday. Preschool that is. Oh dear me I will have two whole days that I have 3, count 'em 3, glorious hours to myself!!! H.E.A.V.E.N.
I love all of my kids dearly, but I am dearly loving a little quiet mommy time too! That's normal, no?
This weekend we celebrated a birthday. My little darling turned 8 today! We had a birthday pool party for her yesterday and had some of her siblings over. She had a great day. And, I am the "best ever", thanks to iCarly!! I have some photos that I will upload tomorrow. Cary donned a beautiful princess tiara that I must share with the world. I love watching the kids as we sing "happy birthday" to them. They love that attention and excitement. Today was more subdued as we went over to visit our Aunty before she went back home to New Zealand. How I wish she could stay longer! How I wish that I could stow away in her luggage! Cary and I are starting to plan a trip for the reunion in 2011. It seems so far away, but we will definitely need the time to save up for all of our little expenses!!
I was going to make this a Spiritual Sunday post as I got a little inspired after reading a dear friend's blog this evening. However, it did not turn out as such.
I do have a testimony of the Gospel. I love my Saviour. I love my family. I know that President Monson is a true prophet of God. I am grateful for the Restored Gospel and for the power of prayer. I'm grateful for my eternal companion and pray that one day very soon we will be an eternal family with our kids.


Dawna said... are the best mom EVER! Those darling kidlets are so lucky to have you and Cary in their lives.

Lacie said...

YAY it made my day to see I had a new Manda post to read today :) You have such a way with words SERIOUSLY....maybe you should write a book! I can't wait for you and Cary to bring the kiddlets down for some fun in the sun! I'm looking into dates and will get back to ya! <3 ya lots!


Amandaroo!! Your post gave me goosebumps!! Those precious angels are so blessed to have you two as parents. You are my heroes! I love you and miss you. It was a treat to read your touching words. And YES it's okay to have some "alone" time. It helps us to have more appreciation for them.