Monday, August 24, 2009

The love of a little one

I still have not uploaded those photos of my darling beloved wearing his beautiful tiara, but I plan to do so tomorrow. Today was full of laundry, laundry, and Oh yes! more laundry! Bah. We certainly have loads and loads to do these days.

This morning I took the kidlets to school. They were unbuckling, strapping on their backpacks, running out of the door before it was even fully opened. I had to chuckle as they were spilling out of the car and Bug was ever so nicely asking them to hurry even faster. She was on a mission to watch Dora, of course! I waved and grinned and called out our usual goodbyes. This day, however, was made special by my 9 yr old. He had almost walked all the way to the school doors when he turned back and ran to the van. He looked at me with those big brown smiling eyes and said, "I Love You!!" and ran back to catch up with the rest of the kids. That moment made my entire day. I have thought about it several times throughout the day. It warms my heart that he says what he feels and his feelings are so tender and real. It totally made up for all the whining tonight when there was homework and reading to be done! :)

The day when these moments aren't as common will be a sad day indeed. For now I will continue to thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.


Dawna said...

Manda Lou!!! I LOVE your posts! What sweet children you have in your life.

Lacie said...

AH preshums!