Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Intentions.....

I was determined to start this blog off the right way in the new year, and I even almost, kind of, made a resolution to blog once a week. Good thing I didn't! :)
Cary and I never make resolutions, mainly because we don't want to feel like the schlubs that we are when we break them two days later. With that said, I am going to do some things better this year. I Must! Blogging just might be one of those things that I work on a little more. Quiet time around 8.30 at night is the perfect time for me to sit down with the lappie and type my happy little guts out.
Sometimes I get a little sad and frustrated because I can't blog about my girls like I would love to do. Right now they are foster childrenm, and even though they are legally free there are still tons and tons o' rules that we must follow. One of which is that we can't post names or photos really on the web. Total bummer for me.
They make my heart happy. It's a challenge every single day and I try desperately not to use my "angry" or "grumpy" voice with them. However, they are such special little spirits and I am realizing more and more everyday that they are meant to be part of our family. It is a bizarre thought, I know.
I was out on a girls night recently and we were all cackling away and complaining only a teensy bit(yeah, right) about how unfair life can feel sometimes. All of us have been unable, thus far, to have children naturally and all of us are foster mummies. One of my dear lovelies said something that seems a bit profound to me. She said that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing and "our" children do come to us, one way or another. How true this has been.
Cary and I have been foster parents for a little over a year now and we have had some real doozie experiences. Our first couple of placements were more difficult than I could ever adequately describe. Our next placement was a sibling group of three little darlings who were with us for a little bit over six months. They were, and still are, our kids. They have since been able to return home with their mother, but we are lucky enough to be able to stay in contact with them. They are part of our family and always will be.
We are looking to adopting the three princesses we have now sometimes this spring/early summer. We have to wait out our time and we will see what happens come April.
Last year was a really good year. We know that this year will be too, as well as an exciting year full of changes. We can't wait! I will even try to write about them! :)
Oh! And, I'm officially a minivan driving mommy now. Cary brought home a purdy little Chrysler Town and Country minivan on Saturday. I love love love it. She's the same colour as our Dodge Truck, George. Can I just tell you how wonderful it is to get three girls into the vehicle to go somewhere, anywhere, and not shove and push and pull the seatbelts and listen to "MOM! SHE WONT HELP ME... SHE WONT MOVE... SHE LOOKED AT ME AND BLINKED TWICE!" Yes, that is all over! Huzzah! This morning as we were on our way to church, Cary decided to clock them and see how long it took them to get into the van and buckled....Are you ready..... THIRTY SECONDS!!! (writing it out was so much more dramatic than just typin the numbers!) It's fabulous, at any rate.
I have a wonderful husband. I have beautiful girls. I have a good life. I am very Blessed. I love my dear family. I love my cuckoobird friends.
And I say these things......



Mandaroo!!!! Great blog to start the year with. I still need to come up with something. Your girls are adorable. I look forward to your being able to have them be yours. They are so lucky to have You and Cary. I love your positive attitude. I'm grateful for our friendship and the many laughs you cause me to erupt into. hehehe
How exciting for you to have a van!! You need to post a picture of it for all of us to see. :D Love ya to pieces!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

WOW, how exciting about a new van! And yahoo, they've got their own room too!
And kudos to you about being a foster parent. I did it for 5.5 years till he got 18.5 years old and didn't want to obey our rules anymore and left on his own. Just walked away one night. Broke our hearts.
At any rate, I hope it goes through and you get to adopt them! Maybe then we can see pictures!
Oh, and I love the NY layout!