Friday, December 19, 2008

Gingerbread House!

We had Family Home Evening on Tuesday night because Monday night was chaos for our little household.
I bought a gingerbread house kit and decided that we would incorporate that into our night. The girls had a Buhlast doing the house. I, however, had a couple of mini breakdowns. Yeah, I know it's all about the kids and I need to give up control and all that jazz. However, I want to help them make it look absolutely beautiful! Our definitions of beautiful are not the same, at all.
Cary read the instructions for the house and directed me on how to do it. I was in charge of piping the icing! Mmmmmm. I told the girls it tasted really horribly and they would NOT want it in their mouths. They looked at me with that face that knows mommy is telling a fib!! Rude! :) So, the instructions didn't tell us to pipe the icing on the windows and doors BEFORE we assembled the house, and we did not! HA! I tried to do it after we put the pieces together but it became a gooey white mess and wouldnt stay where I put it. (kind of like my girls!)
I piped and piped and did not do such a great job. The people who did the house on the box definitely cheated and used different icing tips! They did not include these in our kit and I think it is because they knew our house would look far better than their house! Jerks! We poured out the candy into bowls and let the girls go to town decorating it however they saw fit. We should have divided the candy and gave each their own bowl because we had a couple of meltdowns. Someone got all the round ones! Oh no! Well! Someone else got all the flat ones! Gasp! Horror! Ooooooh the tragedy!
And, don't you worry we did not waste even one piece of candy. No Sir! We put every last bit of candy on that house! What a sight!

In the end, I think it is truly a lovely little house and we had such fun building the thing! This will definitely become one of our family traditions.

As a side note....I purchased our kit at Walgreens this year for $9.99! It has been the best kit that I have bought. It included all the candies, and there were 3 of 4 bags of them! In the past it's been like one small bag and I have had to go buy more things. so frustrating. So, if you're looking to score a sweet g'bread house kit, go to Walgreens! :)



That is seriously the cutest gingabread house I have ever seen!! What a total blast. Do you know that I have NEVER built one with any of my kids. Why??? I have no idea. What a terrific activity to keep them occupied and happy for a few minutes. I'll bet they're all gone. BUT if they have any left then I'll buy 3 houses and we'll all divide up. Can you imagine all my kidlets working on 1 little house at the same time????? Hmmmmmm, that actually might be interesting. We'll just have to see what mood I'm in. You're the best little Mom ever!
Love you. Have a Merry Christmas!!

Greg and Dawna said...

We do this every year. My kids love it and I am like you...kind of a control freak about the piping and where the candy should go. I finally have just learned to let go. After a couple of days most of the candy is eaten off the house anyway :)

devri said...

Yes, you can give me an award.. We have never done one either..

I am going straight down, I mean call down there to see if they even have any left...

You are such a fun mom, and this would be a great "never ending day before Christmas".

You are a rock star.