Sunday, January 11, 2009

A bloggie worth reading....

I know, I know, you think it is mine! It is! I kid! It's totally not mine. I found this little gem what feels like eons ago. It's "Purple Diva's Diary". I honestly can't remember how or why I stumbled across her blog, but I've been lurking around for a while now. Sometimes I will comment on her posts and sometimes I enjoy being the silent observer.(shocking, I know!) She writes well and can be quite clever. I've noticed that she is an amazingly generous woman, always offering giveaways of some sort. That is kind of the reason for this post. She's having a blogaversary and is having a contest. I figured I would let you all know about her and enter the contest at the same time. Two birds, one big rock. :)
Through her blog I have also found some other amazing blogs. Some of my favorites are Word2YourMother and The Naulu Tribe. I know for sure I am not spelling that correctly, but I do love it. It's so funny to me that we can sit and peek in on each other's lives and sometimes even become part of them.
I blog for my friends and for my family, new and old. I need to do better and I need to write more. This will be my journal and is a great way for me to share my life, as the Purple Diva does. :)
Thanks Diva....for some great laughs and some great quiet mommy moments for me! Happy BloggyVersary! :D

Everyone else, go check it out! it's awesome and stuff. :)


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CJ is AWESOME :) Thanks for sharing!