Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trying to be a Missionary Now.....

I am the only member of the Church of Jesus Christ in my family. I am a proud convert of almost 6 years. My dear eternal companion and I were sealed almost 5 years ago. My how time flies! Everyone in my southern root bound family were very leery of my marrying a Mormon! *gasp* A few even doomed me straight to Hell. That's just the way things were back then. I am still the only member in my family, but most of them no longer believe that I am going straight to Hell (well, at least not for just marrying a Mormon! :P)
I am always praying for ways that I can be a missionary to them and help them come to know of the Truthfulness of the Gospel. Tonight my mom and step-dad made a surprise visit through Utah and came to visit us. It was so great seeing them and even greater that my girls got to know their "Nana" even better. Of course, Nana always brings pressies, so she's super cool in their books!
My mom and I have had a rough relationship in the past, but as I have grown older and hopefully a wee bit wiser our relationship has grown and strengthened. We are able to carry on conversations now, not only as mother and daughter, but as friends. I treasure that so much. She is very curious about my faith and often questions me about it. I would love to be able to say that I always have the best answers and never get frustrated with her, but I can't.
Tonight she was telling me of a man in a bookstore who wanted to buy a Book of Mormon when she was back home in Arkansas. He wanted to know more about these mormons! The clerk was quick to tell him that they had multiple wives and were a strange brood. My mom stood up and said her peace! She let that clerk know quickly that her "kids" were Mormon and that wasn't part of it! It's funny to think that she defended us Mormons to a bunch of strangers. I was so proud of her! So, she asked me tonight to tell her more about it because if she was going to stick up for something she needed to know more about it. I was so excited! I didn't know where to start! I was fumbling and crying and nervous and and and and and. I wanted Cary to come in and give her the discussions right then! He was, afterall, a fabulous missionary in his hayday! Cary was busy with the girls and bedtimes! What was I to do! I didn't know!
I sat my mom down at my desk and grabbed my scriptures. When I opened them up it was to basically the first page where it said "another testament of Jesus Christ" I said Look! It doesn't take the place of the Bible, it just adds to it. I was trying to think of what to tell her about. I started thinking of Joseph Smith and the lesson I taught my 10 year olds 2 weeks ago in Sunday School. I told her of a young boy who didn't know what church to join. I cried. I told her about the First Vision. I cried. I bore testimony of Joseph Smith and she cried. We cried together and felt the Spirit together. It was wonderful! She knew that I truly believed what I was saying and I knew that she truly felt the Spirit.
Then I hear Mommmmyyyyyyyy I gotta go Potty!

I wish I had been more eloquent. I wish I had more answers and a better delivery. I wish I could be a better Missionary! I want to be a better Missionary and Teacher and Mom and Wife.

I just read that statement again and I've decided that I am GOING TO be a better missionary, teacher, mom, and wife.
Keep me in your prayers.
I can ask for that, right?


Greg and Dawna said...

Amanda! You are such a great example to me. Sometimes we don't need the "right" words, just the spirit. It sounds like you definitely had that with you when you talked to you Mom. The spirit can compensate in so many ways when we can't find the words we need to say. You will certainly be in my prayers! Love ya girl...you are my hero :)


Thank you for sharing your experience in a wonderfully written post. I am covered in chills. That was so touching. I agree with Dawna, the presence of Spirit is how people are touched, not by "eloquent" words. Everything unfolded and took place with you and your sweet Mom exactly the way it was supposed to. I love you so much! You ARE a wonderful example to all of us. :D

devri said...

I love it, and I heart you dearly..

prayers for sure..

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Wow, that was awesome! I can't believe you've only been a member for a short time.
It sounds like to me that your mom knows her daughter is on a good path-otherwise I don't think she would have asked.
How awesome that you started with the first vision.
You rock on girl!