Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

At first I thought I was being all clever and then I realized that the song says Monday, Monday. Ah well...
We have had a quiet and sicky weekend. It started on Friday for me and our three year old and then Saturday Super Daddy got the bug. The other girls have been sneezing a bit here and there, but other than that seem OK. I'm hoping they dodged this bullet!
Friday is a bit hazy. I took a whole lot of Nyquil and stayed in bed. Poppie and Super Daddy held down the fort and I held down my pillow. I think 3 and me got some kind of food poisoning or something because it was not a happy time for our tummies either. It was frightening! Saturday isn't quite as hazy, but went by in a blur. Super Daddy caught the bug and he was feeling pretty ickers by the afternoon. Our poor girls had grumpy sickies for parents, although they did get to watch a couple of movies because of it. Hip Hip Hurrah for DVDs! They kind of Love Mr.Bean and I love that they love it! Love Fest! ahhhh. I think I'm a sucker for all things British and Polynesian. Well, maybe most things. Okay-Okay..all things poly, most things Brit.
Today we still weren't feeling better and I can't seem to stay out of el Bano. So, the girls and I stayed home from church today. Cary went because we have a class of fabulous 10 year olds that we teach. Want to hear a good guilt story? I tell my 5 year old that she is staying home with me from church today and only Daddy is going and he is only going to Sunday school. The crying begins. (one might think that she misunderstood and thought she HAD to go!) I ask her what is wrong, why is she crying so much! Her reply, "I don't even get to go to church today and learn about Jesus!" Yeah, I totally lost that Mommy of the Year award today. I felt horrible. After some cuddles and promises of going to church next week, she finally felt better.
I figured I needed to spend some one on one time with the girls today since I'd been MIA for the past 2 days. The 100th day of school is coming up and my 5 year old needed to make a poster of 100 things. She chose stickers. So, we pulled out the poster board and I let her choose a ton of stickers from my scrapbook collection to complete her work of art. I must say, it did turn out beautifully.
So that turned into everyone doing some arts and crafts projects. Everyone got some papers and cool scissors and decorated a couple of scrapbook pages for their room. I have been meaning to buy some window clings for Valentine's Day at our local walfart, but I decided today that we would make our own! The stuff was out, so why not! The girls got super excited and we had so much fun. I tried to keep that creative control at first, but after a few side long looks from Cary---I realized I had to relinquish all control. We cut paper, glued paper, cut more paper, and cut more paper until my eyes had gone all wonky. The girls wanted to display our works of art, so I let them place their hearts on our front window to be enjoyed by one and all. Each of us have our own heart and they made one for Poppie too. :) I'm glad that they never leave him out of things.

See our beautimous window? Ignore the dirt and hard water stains please. ;)
I'm grateful for the small little moments and the quiet times I get to spend with my girls. I'm lucky they are part of my life and part of my family.

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Look how cute they all turned out! What a fun idea. I hope you all get feeling better. Love ya! I'm gonna go check out the VT blog.