Monday, January 3, 2011


It was truly one of the best Christmas Days Ever. Hubs surprised me with his thoughtfulness, not only for me but for the kidlets as well.  I usually handle all the gift buying and wrapping, but this year he snuck some surprises in on me. I didn't even know about them  until Christmas morning. Our kids had a great time, even if I did make them wait to open presents until 9am.
For some reason, brainfart, I didn't charge my camera the night before. I KNOW! ridiculous. So, my camera died about 10 minutes into the whole unwrapping extravaganza. So. Bummed.

I think everyone got what they wanted. My poor 12 year old was dying for an xbox game, which I thought I bought. When he opened it, however, it was for the PLAYSTATION. I was determined to right this horrific wrong insert eye roll games are not my fave and order the right game. I hopped online right then and bought the game from Amazon. It arrived on the 28th. He was thrilled. He opened it.
Yes, apparently, I have about 2 brain cells left. So, we are taking him to Game Stop and letting him choose two games this week.

After a morning of playing and eating and playing and eating, we went to Mummindad's for more eating and more playing. It was a bit different this year, but I am so grateful for my whanau. I love them dearly and each of them hold a special place in my heart and the heart of my children.

However. We play "lucky dip". This year Mum decided to throw in some boobie prizes. Guess who got them? That's right. My Bug and Cuauhtli. Look at these beauties.
Bug's gnome. She nuzzles him daily. She thinks he is magnificent.

Cuauhtli's Piggie

So, we will be finding new homes for these loverlies. I'm hoping to be able to incorporate the pig with the Gnome. I think it will be beautiful, no?

I hope you all were blessed with your heart desires.
   We were.
Merry Christmas :)

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