Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we have a few traditions. I love Christmas Eve, perhaps as much as Christmas Day itself!

We always try to go sledding, if there is any snow around. This year there wasn't, so we hung out and played games together all day. Cary was on vacation and we had no worries. It was fantastic!

We have homemade frito chili pies for dinner, we open one pressie (pajamabamas), and we watch a Christmas movie. We have added a little bit to that in the past couple of years.

Now we have the kids' siblings over for Arroz con Leche and do a fun present exchange with them. We draw names in October or November and they try to keep it secret as to whom they have. key word, try. :) 

I seriously have some of the most beautiful kids. Ever.

Photos of our Christmas Pajamabamas!

I just love all the special time we are able to have with our whanau. That's what makes it all so special.

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