Thursday, April 14, 2011

All in White

This past weekend was pretty eventful. Not only did Bug turn the big 6, but Gabby's Baptism day was Saturday!

She has been anxiously awaiting this day since last summer when she watched her older siblings get baptized. Gabs was the only one being baptized from our ward, so the entire program was up to us. I let Gabby choose whom she wanted to give the talks and prayers. Cuauhtli gave the opening prayer, Yoalli gave the talk on Baptism, Tonathiu gave the talk on the Holy Ghost, Papa confirmed her and gave her the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Mama gave the Benediction. The Spirit was strong and I was proud of my kids. All of them.
I decided to share the talks that the kids gave that day. We did not help them with them at all, well except for Yoalli who got her first talk nixed because it was about 18 pages and had nothing to do with baptism. :)

Yoalli's talk on Baptism:
"Hi! I'm  Yoalli Nicholas, Gabby's big sister. Gabby asked me if I could do a talk for her baptism and now here I am! When I was baptized I made an oath to our Heavenly Father. I promised that I would follow his commandments and only eat what is good for my body, that I would be sealed to my family, and choose the right. I made other promises too.
Things like being sealed and keeping God's commandments are known as faithful footsteps back to Jesus Christ! Being baptized is one of those faithful footsteps! When you are baptized, all of your sins will be forgiven. And, that is Gabby's next big step today. All of her sins will be forgiven and she will be making the same oaths that I did to Heavenly Father.
   Heavenly Father also makes oaths to us that if we will keep his commandments, he will richly bless us. If we live the Gospel we will also live a life of happiness!
 I would like to bare my testimony by saying that Baptism is a wonderful blessing and I promise that if you take these faithful footsteps you will live a happy and good life. I know this Church is true. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Tonathiu's Talk on the Holy Ghost:
" Hello, my talk today is going to be on the Holy Ghost. Well, some people think of the Holy Ghost as their common sense. I like to think of him as God's heavenly nudge. Whenever I am about to make a mistake, He is there saying, "No, don't do that."
The Holy Ghost helps us through hard times, he helps guide us along the straight and narrow path, and he testifies of Christ. The Holy Ghost can also warn us of danger, spiritual or temporal.
It is important to remain pure and soft hearted so that the promptings of the Spirit can be heard more clearly.
 The Spirit is there on Sunday mornings saying, "Go To Church!". When you are up late at night and your body demands rest, the Spirit says, "You forgot to read your scriptures."
It is when you stop listening to the Spirit and you stop doing these things that he withdraws.
The Spirit can give you guidance at any time, but only as long as you are willing to listen. So, I guess what I am saying is , The Holy Ghost is important and we should all listen to him more."
He then bore his testimony to all of us.

It was such a special experience and made even more so because of the struggles that he and I have been facing the past little while.

Here are some photos of Gab's day:
I so love this picture. This is part of our whanau. I love them all. dearly.   
My favorite.

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