Friday, November 12, 2010

Mis Madre

My mom and I had some rough times as I became a teenager. She and my dad got divorced and it was a hard time. Unfortunately, we had some rough patches. It took us a while to get through those. As I've grown older, I have been able to become somewhat wiser.(I hope)
I learned to value our relationship more and to value her more. When we were blessed with the girls, we became even closer. It has been a lot of fun watching her be "Nana" to our girls and our boys. I love my mom and I'm thankful for her, her love, her compassion, and her friendship.

Love you Mother.

(ok, so this picture makes me laugh so hard. I was in the middle of a laugh attack and so was she. We were perched atop a rock and there were jokes. Lots.Of.Jokes. :) )

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