Monday, November 8, 2010

little girl laughs

Bug and I have this ritual, if you will, every night at bedtime. We read books together snuggled on the couch or my bed. We have family prayer and then it is time for her to go to bed. The big kids get to stay up a bit later than she. She pads off into her room where she awaits the "tuckels innels" from her Daddy and I. Cary usually goes first while I finish reading with Gabbers. When Cary is finished, I "sneak" into her room where she is hiding under her covers and pretending to sleep. She starts giggling as soon as I enter her doorway.
I. love. it.
I creep up to her bed, where she is huddled under her princess blankies on the top bunk. More giggles.
I put my hands under the blankies, and the tickle monster comes alive! More giggles.
more loving it.
We talk for a bit about whatever her little heart desires, usually what we have planned for the next day. Give kisses. More kisses. and even more kisses, then it's time for closed eyes and stinky bums to sleep.

I love hearing that little girl laugh. It truly makes my heart happy and reminds me how blessed I am to have her.

Today, I'm thankful for little girl laughs. Very Thankful.

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Dawna said...

I love reading your words. You are one amazing woman, Manda Lou...