Friday, October 30, 2009

Pre Halloweenie

Tonight we decided it was time for our kidlets to have some fun. It has been a sucktastic week for all of us and we needed an outlet. With everything that has happened we hadn't even thought of carving our pumpkins. We were actually supposed to do it on Monday night for FHE with my daddy-o, but ...well...

So, tonight we decided it was time. We were blessed again with good friends and neighbors bringing us a scrumptious dinner. We ate happily and spoke of good times with our Poppie.
After dinner we had some friends over to do a little pumpkin' carvin' and paintin'.
We had a fun time. My oldest boy and I carved a pumpkin for my Dad and it is probably my favorite one.
I still can't believe he won't be coming over tomorrow. It still breaks my heart when the reality of it sinks in.

Halloween is quickly becoming my least favorite day of the year. I am not in the mood to celebrate it, or be festive, or be spooky. I want to sit in my room and miss my Dad. I have 5 smiling eager little bodies who make that impossible. I'm blessed to have them. The distraction is needed sometimes.

Anyway, here is our little pumpkin family in two photos! They take up the whole front porch, but I Love it!!

The pumpkin on the far right is Poppie's pumpkin. We grew it in our garden this year and he had already laid claim on it. I think it turned out beautifully.

Bug and Her Daddy. She's a "Beautiful Spider Witch Princess".
She called it. :)

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