Thursday, October 29, 2009


There is no question that this past week has been the most painful time in my life. I have lost loved ones before, but nothing compares to the loss of my daddy. I have struggled much this week, but I have been blessed and buoyed up by countless friends and family.
We go through our lives and worry so much about our own little homes, that we sometimes forget about what goes on in others' little homes. We have so much to do, so many places to be, so much so much so much. I, at least, am guilty of this.
This week, however, our friends and family have not concerned themselves with only what has been going on in their worlds, but also in ours.
We have received some swift kicks in our humility hineys. Cary and I don't like to ask for help. We pretty much do things on our own, always.
This week, however, there was no way that we could manage alone. We haven't really asked for help, but we have certainly received it. Let me rephrase that, we have not *had* to ask for help. We have been very grateful recipients. There is no way that we can possibly thank everyone who has helped us this week. I have no words that adequately describe our gratitude.
We have an amazing ward family. They have shown their love for us over and over this week. Each time humbling Cary and I a bit more.
We have amazing friends. They have taken our kids to parties, taken care of them, picked them up from school, took them to classes, the list goes on; and all of this so that Cary and I can deal with what is going on.
We have an amazing family. I do not consider Cary's side as my *in-laws*. There is no boundary, there is no divide. They are my family. Mum, Dad, brothers, and sisters. I love them deeply and am grateful for them.
I have a testimony of tithing. I KNOW that when we faithfully pay our tithing, ungrudgingly, we ARE blessed. Cary and I have had tithing blessings more than I can count. I know our Heavenly Father keeps his promises to us. I know that does *not* give us more than we can bear, even though we feel like we can't bear any more. He is there for us. He loves us. Families are eternal. I know that is true. I love my husband. He IS a pillar of strength. I am grateful he is a worthy Melchizadech Priesthood holder. Our family is blessed because of his faithfulness. I love my Heavenly Father. I love my family. I know the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is True.

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