Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Bug is Reading!

Okay, so maybe 50% of it is memorization. Okay, maybe more....but she's reading! She's trying her little guts out and is doing a fantastic job! I'm so proud of her! This morning we were having snuggles on the couch while we read books together. I do so love our quiet little times together. And, I do stress the "quiet times". :)

Enjoy this little snippet of her reading her new favorite book, You and Me!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Movin' UP

Today has been a day full of tears for me. Shocking, I know. We had our Primary program in Sacrament meeting today and it seems like each class has a special someone in it. I guess having 5 kids makes that easy.
The first order of business today in Primary was, however, moving Tonathiu out of Primary and into the Deacon's quorum. How is it that kid is 12 already?
As the boys came in to the chapel to get him, I realized that each of those boys were one of "my" boys. Cary and I have had each one of them in scouts, Primary, or both. Now they are the boys that will be influencing *my* child. How lucky I am!
We are blessed to be friends and neighbors of so many wonderful people. I'm grateful for their example to my kids. Tonathiu, especially, has had so many rough experiences. I felt comforted today knowing that he has so many wonderful experiences ahead of him.
We then started practicing our program. The little kids are so flipping adorable. I don't even think we had one melt-down. We had one near-miss, but all that was washed away when our dear Ms.April came to the rescue.
We were lucky enough to have Mummmindad (Cary's parents) and Tam's girls come to the chapel today and watched our little munchkins give their part of the program. So cute!
After Sacrament it was time for Cary to ordain Tonathiu as a Deacon and give him the Aaronic Priesthood.
I can say this, because he is my husband, Cary gives the.most.amazing. blessings. Ever. He leaves me speechless every.single.time. This time was no exception. Cary opens his mind and his heart to Heavenly Father and allows the words to come from Him. It was beautiful and fitting and I pray that Tonathiu can hold on to that blessing for the rest of his life and lean on it when he's having a hard time.
We were surrounded with family and friends and the Spirit was so strong.
I cling to those feelings and those memories as the days go by when I am not feeling the Spirit as I should because of my not-so-great choices.

Mum gave Tonathiu a very special plaque that she had made with his Line Of Priesthood. Not many Priesthood holders know their line, but we are very blessed to know Cary's, and it's very short.
It goes: Tonathiu> Cary> Joseph Nicholas (cary's dad)>Douglas J. Martin>David O. McKay>Joseph F. Smith>Brigham Young> The THREE Witnesses> Joseph Smith Jr.> Peter, James, and John> Jesus. She has all of the dates on it as well and it is beautiful. I have the best family.ever.

A dear friend of ours said to me, after the blessing, "Just think of all of the amazing spiritual experiences you have had over the past two years. It's overwhelming, even for me!"
I am overwhelmed too. I am blessed. I don't have the words to adequately express it to you, or to my Father in Heaven. But, I am grateful. I am humbled by all of our blessings, especially our five stinky ones. Cary is one of my biggest blessings. I love him and and am grateful that he leads our family and honours his Priesthood.

Obviously, the blessing is very sacred to us, but I want to share a part of it. In the beginning Cary said to him, "Tonathiu, you came to us in a strange way, but you are our son; just as if you had been born to us." ...truer words....

Tonathiu, we love you very much and we are so proud of the choices that you are making. We know that you have a special spirit and Heavenly Father is pleased with you. You are our son. Forever.

Monday, September 20, 2010

You had a birthday, Shout HOORAY!

I don't know that I am shouting "hooray" for my birthdays these days, but my kids  most certainly do. Tonathiu and I share our birthday, September 16th! What a day! He turned the magical age of 12 and I turned the ripe old age of 32. Sad, sad days. But, the older the better, right? That's what I'm telling myself at any rate. :)

We had a really super day. I have a tradition of decorating the entire house for the kids while they are at school. If their birthday happens to fall on a weekend, then I do it the night before while they are sleeping. I *Love* seeing the expressions on their cute little faces when they see everything that has been done just for them, just for their special day. Tonathiu is no exception and I make the day about him. Cary makes the night about me, and I am pretty ok with that! :)
Oh, jeez, don't think the dirty stuff---this is a family blog!
We enjoyed the evening as a family and then we went on a trip to Aspen Grove for the weekend. It. was. such. Fun!! He gots loads of goodies for his day, as did I. Part of my goodies was a girl's night out to the Brad Paisley concert. Yum.O. We had lots of crazy fun and I'm glad I can have a night out with my crazy gal pals. :) love you WW!

 **Notice that I have my eyes closed in two of the photos. It seems as though I have a disease that forces me to close my eyes as soon as I see anyone with a camera. So.Annoying.**

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


On August 21, 2010 we were finally able to see our older kids to us and make us one big honkin' eternal family.
We have our ups and our downs, but we love one another despite it all.
I'm grateful for my kids, every last infuriating one of them. I have been blessed, greatly.
I'm glad I know that families can be together forever.

Quiet Time, OH Yes!

Our little Bugs started Kindergarten today. Last night I had the appropriate meltdown, but today I was strong and held it together. It was hard not to share her enthusiasm and joy as she prepared for this day that she has waited for, for so long.
This morning she carefully picked out her outfit and placed it neatly on her bed. She was ready for a shower and I washed her hair so she could be extra sparkly. :)
She decided how she wanted me to fix her hair and was ready for lunch.
This was all done by about 10am.
Her kindergarten class doesn't start until 12:38pm!

We played for a while and did our chores. Daddy finally came home to eat lunch with us.
Then, it was time. She was ready. She was excited.
We took photos and Daddy walked her into the school.
She didn't hesitate or fuss. She looked around and was ready to make new friends and start her "big kid school".

Keeleigh, you have come such a long way and we are so proud of you. We love you so much and know that this will be great year for you and you will grow even more.

Great, now I start the waterworks.