Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Fun!

We finally bit the bullet and carved our pumpkins on Thursday night. I hate to carve them early because seeing their little faces smoosh in grosses me out. How unsightly! Cary despises pumpkin guts. He's kind of a big girl when it comes to his hands being dirty or mucky.
Yet, he can clean up vomit like nobody's business.
(Thank GOODness! I'm not a cleaner-upper of anything vomit, snot, or poo related. Now, back to the story...)
So, in order to maintain Cary's good graces, I decided to gut all the pumpkins while he was at work so he could carve them up for the kids and have minimal guts on his hands. It started out innocently enough. I was cutting the tops off and giving the kids their pumpkins and a bag to sit in the grass and de-gut the pumpkins. Yoalli had a great idea and said, "Momma, wouldn't it be so funny if I took these guts and put them all over Tonathiu's face?!"
"Oh, Yoalli, no, let's not do that!", I said.
But, as I sat there and thought about it while I was pulling guts and seeds out of my pumpkin, I got the giggles.
It would be funny to smear it on Tonathiu's face! He was sitting beside me and I couldn't help myself. I picked up a big gooey wad  and rubbed it all over the side of his face and in his mouth! hahaha! I don't know which was more hilarious, the look of sheer amazement and shock on his face, or his face full of pumpkin guts. It must have been that it was the best combination ever.
And, thus the Great Pumpkin War 2010 ensued. Tonathiu did not let me get away with that, mind you. He beaned me pretty good a couple of times. The little girls had to get in on the action as well. I laughed so hard that I could not breathe! The kids were squealing with delight as they got mouthfuls of pumpkin guts. Hilariousness. The Pièce de résistance  was when I lovingly shoved pumpkin guts and seeds down Tonathiu's pants.Yes, they found their way in his undies. Crying, with laughter we were. Even Tonathiu. It was seriously so much fun.  Afterward we had to maneuver showers so no one would have to sit around eating dinner with pumpkin guts all over them. By then, CaryJos was home and we sat down for dinner. As they finished, each of our munchkins drew on a paper what they wanted their pumpkin to look like. Once they liked what they had created on paper, they drew it on the pumpkin. Our kids are so creative, it amazes me sometimes. I Love It. I love them. every last smelly one of them. :)
 Keeleigh and Her Amazing Pumpkin!

 Gabbers and her Very Surprised Pumpkin!

Yoalli and her Super Fantastic Pumpkin!

 Cuauhtliztac and his Happy Angry Pumpkin!

 Me and my this is how I look after.....pumpkin!

The whole gang with their pumpkins. I didn't get a photo with Tonathiu or Cary holding their pumpkins. Tonathiu is sitting by his and Cary's is on the top step on the right. I love Cary's pumpkin, it is too funny.

Now we get ready for Trick AND Treating!
Happy Halloween from The Nicholas Whanau!


Amy C. said...

So glad I wasn't there for the pumpkin gut war. It sounds like a slimy mess! You are such a fun mom though. Next time I'll send my kids over to gut pumpkins with you!

Kristina P. said...

They look great! I love your family of pumpkins.

Dawna said...

What a great memory! I can just picture all those cute kids beaning you with pumpkin guts....I think I want in on that action next time!!!