Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday BugBug Dear!

On April 8th our little tornado turned the big FIVE. She has been talking about this birthday pretty much since her last one. She has been super excited to be a big girl. The other kids were excited for her to be a big girl too in hopes that she would stop "throwing fits". Sometimes our little Bug is *really* good at that.

She had planned the whole day for us and awoke at 7am that morning to start the day's festivities. I was far from ready to begin the day that early. She got a birthday song, hug, kiss, and got sent back to bed for a bit. She was too excited to sleep, but at least she tried.

We played games in the morning and got ready for our day. Cary took off work early and we started our adventure. We went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. Bug has been dreaming of riding those horses since last year. She seriously talked about it all the time. There were so many new babies at the Farm and Bug squealed with delight each time she saw a new one. We were there for quite a while running from here to there and I loved watching the kids enthusiasm.

After we visited each animal about ten times it was time to go.

We bought dinner and took it to the park. We took the cake and ice cream, party stuffs, and the pinata! all to the park. Our whanau joined us and made it a perfect evening. The cousins all played together wonderfully.
Gabby actually busted the pinata open and unleashed all the goodies inside. Mad. Scramble.

We also did the little champagne poppers that shoot out all the streamers. Crack. UP. I don't know who liked them more--the adults or the kidlets. :)

We finished the day at home and Bug was finally able to unwrap all of her pressies. She was so excited for her stuffs and fell asleep quickly after everything had calmed down around her. I love love love watching her joy and excitement as it oozes from every little stinky part of her.

Now.....for the FIVE things I LOVES about Bugs!
1. I love how independent you are! I love that you think for yourself...already!
2. I love your sense of humour! You are one of the funniest little girls, ever. You come up with some of the funniest things! You make me giggle!
3. I love your eyes! You have the most byootiful eyes. You show everything in your eyes.
4. I love the way you run! I love that you run with your whole body. It is like you are swimmin gin mid-air sometimes and it cracks me up!
5. I love that you are my daughter-Forever. Heavenly Father sent you to me through an unconventional way, but He did send you and I am awed by His wisdom.

Happy Birthday my darling little girl!!

Now. stop getting any bigger.

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