Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some Sunday Musings

Ch ch ch changes...turn the page....chaaaanges.
What if I started every post with a song! I wish I could be that clever!
Last week our bishop was realeased and a new bishopric was called. This is the first time I have had to deal with a change like this since I was baptized in 2002. Our old bishop is an absolute saint. He has been there for us and guided us with his wise counsel. I am grateful for him and his service. The new bishop will do a good job, too, I'm sure.
Today the Relief Society President caught me after Primary and had a tiny little white slip of paper. I knew what that meant and there was no escape!! I usually love my Relief Society Prez., we've known her for eons and she called us to Primary when I was so new to the church. It was such a good calling for me and I'm so glad to be able to say that I'm still in the Primary! So, there we were standing in the hallway, staring at one another...very reminiscent of a John Wayne movie. I tried to dodge her but she was too spry for me. She stopped me cold and handed me the small white piece of paper. New VT companion. New sisters. NOooooooooooooo. I love my companion and I love my sisters that I teach. I'm finally completely comfortable with everyone!
Perhaps I should have prefaced this post by saying how much I dislike changes. I don't do well with changes. I'm not a fan.
This afternoon made me forget about all of it though. We sat down for lunch and Cary decided to turn on the Primary CD so that we could have some background music. I have decided that there are fewer sweeter sounds than the sound of your child(ren) singing a Primary song. It's beautiful and you can feel the Spirit so strongly. Cary and I just looked at each other and smiled widely. We were so proud of our girls. I'm so thankful that they are finally getting the exposure to the Gospel that they deserve. We have seen such a change in the countenance since they first arrived.
Maybe *all* changes aren't bad. Maybe I can like a few changes here and there.


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Oh, I know how hard that is. It's like just when you are feeling good and comfortable it's gotta change!
I got an idea for ya to help ya-being as I've been a RS president before-look at it as an opportunity to grow and to learn more about some of the other sisters. I bet in time you will grow to love them just as much as you love the ones now!
Hang in there! You'll do great!


I'm with ya sista! However, I don't handle change as badly as I used to. It's just like any of our other callings, right when you figure out what you're supposed to do and you feel like you're doing a good job at it, they release you!! You're amazing! Love ya!