Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Momma

Okay, so I lost the mommy of the year award some time ago. Today I threw rocks at it. I love playing with girls and we love making each other laugh. We try to make our home a fun place, and most of the time we succeed. I have to roll my eyes a little bit at that because as I sit here in my 3 yr old's room she is screaming her guts out and crying like a mad little monkey. She had early bedtime tonight and she is not happy about missing Dora! Rude Mommy!
Anyway, we sat down to dinner tonight and the girls started singing...."God gave us Families, lalalalalamuttermutter to be what He wants us to be mutter mutter" It was darling. It doesn't matter what kind of mood I am in or the kind of day that I have had, as soon as I hear them singing Primary songs my heart melts and my spirit soars. It's a beautiful sound.
So- on with my rock throwing story. Tonight for our veggie we had steamed veggies. (Has anyone had them green giant steamers?? Fabulous invention! The veggies are so yum and you just throw it in the microwave for 5 minutes, IN THE BAG!, and Voila!) In the veggie mix was yellow and white corn, carrots, and ASPARAGUS! The hubs hates asparagus pretty much with all of his being, but I threatened his WOW time so he shushed it. Everything was going along fine and no one had said anything about the new green veggie on their plate. My 7 year old ate it quickly and said that it was good, but it was a bit mushy. My 3 yr old didn't touch any of her veggies. But, then, there's my 5 year old. She's my cuddly little clown. She says, "Mommy my green beans look really WEIRD today!" With as much of a straight face as I could muster I asked her what was wrong with them. She picked one up and poked it in my face. "LOOK! What's wrong with it!? What in the world are those things sticking out!?!" I got the giggles so bad. I covered my face with my hand and with the napkin and started sniffing. Hubs was laughing at me and shaking his head. My 7 yr old picked up on it and told the 5 yr old to just eat it because she was hurting my feelings! That made me laugh harder and I was crying by this point. I blurted out, "I just want you to eat your dinner so we can have Family Home Evening!" She poked her finger in my eye to see if I really was crying. Then she put her head on me because she did, in fact, feel bad for making me sad! I felt like poop on a toad. I looked at her and she was tearing up and said that she would eat them, even if they did taste really bad. I had to give her a cuddle and say that I was sorry too. She did eat them all and never complained after that.
She told me I was a stinky Mommy. I probably deserve that.
Maybe tomorrow we will try beets!


Greg and Dawna said...

I am still trying to picture in my mind "poop on a toad" :D You are such a great blessing to those little girls. Miss ya Manda Lou!!!


I love how much fun you are having with these darling angels living in your home. Dawna's right, you ARE a great blessing to them. I admire you! They are so lucky!!

devri said...

poop on a toad!?

I think you are such a special person, and those girls are lucky for sure.