Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vanilla Joy Giveaways- Fabulous!!

Okay everyone, I am excited to share this little tidbit with you. is one of my favorite blog sites. She is an amazing gal who puts freebies up on her blog and allows EVERYONe a chance to win. It's incredible and I dont know how she finds the time or sanity. This week it is a chance to win some of the most incredible announcements I've ever seen. is the photographer and creator of the announcements and I love them. I watched her "Family" slideshow and it made me cry. I love that song that plays! I need to find out who does it! If anyone knows after listening, please let me know! If you go to the 's website you can enter for your chance to win by leaving a comment. She is also doing a Yoplait yogurt giveaway that you can enter as well. Go check it out! :)

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Williamson Family said... thinks you want to win something???? Hahahahha!