Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Saturday Afternoon in American Fork Canyon

So, this afternoon my friend Shanna, her four loverlies, me, and my niece Hannah decided that we should go up in the canyon. We thought it would be a fun (and cheap) way to spend the day with the kids. We didn't anticipate the excitement!! We all rode in Shanna's Expedition so that we could ride together and not take two vehicles. We couldn't find a spot along the way, so we decided to follow the signs to Silver Lake! What an adventure! It's a good thing we had her big honking SUV because there were so many boulders, dips, valleys, turns, lions, and tigers, and bears OH MY! It was only three miles on the dirt road, but it certainly felt like 30! My advice, go to the bathroom a couple times before embarking on this journey. We finally made it up there and it was BEAUTIFUL!!

We thought we were so prepared for this trip and we were patting ourselves on the back for getting it together so quickly....however we got up there and realized we forgot our cooking sticks! We built a big fire and when it was time to roast the hot dogs, UGH! We had to find real sticks to cook them on and they were all way too big. We would shove the hot dog on and if it didn't break in that process, then it would explode as we cooked it and fall into the fire! It's a good thing I had a massive pack of dogs! We sat around the fire and laughed and talked and the kids would get in trouble for scaring Shanna or some such nonsense, but it was a whole lot of fun! We roasted marshmallows and made smores with chocolate covered shortbread cookies (the best smores I've had by the way!) and the kids played for ages.

I'm grateful for such good friends, times, and wonderful memories!

The top photo is the view as we were coming down. The little blip of a lake is Tibble Fork Res. The other photo is looking up at the mountain from Silver Lake. We were SOO SUPER close to the top! yoinkS! :)

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Williamson Family said...

We went on a hike about Silver Lake one time with our YW...I do NOT recommend it. I thought I was going to die :( When we goin' to lunch girl????