Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A quick Funny

Ok, so I know I'm totally behind on the bloggy business. I've had lots of stuff come up for which I am not prepared. I may share at a later date, when we know more.

As for now, this happened this morning.

I was brushing out Bug's hair, which was quite knotted and messy. I sprayed it and brushed it, to which she responded with, "Aoowwwwwww, OWwwwwwwwwie Owwieeeeeowieeeeee, AowwieeeMummaOwweeeeeeeeee!!!!"
Me: Oh Bug, that was dramatic!

Fast forward a couple of minutes when the knots and tangles were brushed out.

Bug: ooh Mumma you're doing it soft now.
Me: Yes, Bugga.
Bug: You doing it soft cause you don't want the dramatic to start again, huh mumma?
Me: bwahahahaha Yes, Bugga. I love you.



Kristina P. said...

She's adorable.

josh healy said...

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