Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Hunny!

Today is Cary's birthday! He turned...well, he turned really old today! :) He still acts like he's 12, so I realize that age really is just a number. We've had a lovely day of being slugs and eating! :) We went to Tucanos today and it was so Yumalicious! We had the FREE birthday meal and that made it even yummier!! :)

Here is a picture of my darling love bug with his birthday pie. He *loves* pecan pie a la mode, so that's what he gets. The candles are sparkler candles, even though you can't really tell it. They were really cool!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gnomes and other Hideous Lawn Ornaments

Okay! I'm adding more to this post. We woke up a week ago and found this Beautimous creature in our yard. We woke up THIS Friday morning and his Big Pink Brother was right beside him! ooooh we have plans....don't you worry!! >:} (that's an evil grin btw)

So, we have a bit of an odd practice in our little family. We like to sneak around in the dark at each other's homes and place beautiful surprises for that family. It all started about two years ago when Cary and I purchased a rather large gnome for Mum for Christmas. A friend from her work had given her a small gnome as a gift, but it was tragically and mysteriously broken one day. In order to lift her spirits, we thought it best to give her another gnome. She was absolutely shocked and probably a little horrified. :) That started the game. He would show up on doorsteps during the holidays and special occasions! He has since been misplaced and so we have had to resort to other equally lovely lawn ornaments. In Mum's garden she has 3 miniature gnomes, 2 miniature mushrooms, a solar light frog, and a medium sized garden working gnome. Tammy's yard currently only has two large pink flamingos, and we have one medium sized fluorescent yellow peacock head thing. I will post photos tomorrow.

For now, this is the gnome that Mum received while she was sick, right before Christmas. He certainly cheered her right up

Monday Night Fun

Last night Cary and I spent our Family Home Evening apart! It doesn't happen very often and I missed him! Cary was able to go have a family dinner with just his siblings and his parents. They had a lot of fun and it was long overdue! I'm going to attempt to post some photos from their fun filled evening.
I went to a Sheryl Crowe concert with my friend Shanna at USANA. It was a great show and for a people watcher like me it was almost too much to handle! My amazingly thoughtful father-in-law gave me two tickets and I am so glad that I went. Cary had my camera so I wasn't able to take any photos! What a bummer!! There were certainly some doozies that I could have taken!
James Blunt (sp?) was one of the openers for her and he was GREAT! I never thought he was much to listen to before, but now after seeing him live I have changed my tune!
Plus, he's British! How can you go wrong with a Brit? :)
We didnt get home until about 1am and for an old gal, that's way late! Sorry Shanna! :)

Okay, so I had to post some You Tube vidoes of our new favorite addiction. They are Flight of the Conchords and they are from New Zealand. They are flipping hilarious and I have a little crush! woot woot :)

First Timers

So, this is completely new to us but we wanted to start! Hopefully very soon we will have photos of the family and all sorts of wacky stuff. If you have ideas for us, let us know! I have a couple of favorite bloggers already and will provide links to them soon. The first one is

This lady is amazing and I dont know how she does it. Have a look at her website!! It is incredible. She is having awesome give aways this week, so go there and have a look and get signed up!! It is really quite simple to do and if you include a link to her page on your site, you maybe eligible for extra entries!!