Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday Night Fun

Last night Cary and I spent our Family Home Evening apart! It doesn't happen very often and I missed him! Cary was able to go have a family dinner with just his siblings and his parents. They had a lot of fun and it was long overdue! I'm going to attempt to post some photos from their fun filled evening.
I went to a Sheryl Crowe concert with my friend Shanna at USANA. It was a great show and for a people watcher like me it was almost too much to handle! My amazingly thoughtful father-in-law gave me two tickets and I am so glad that I went. Cary had my camera so I wasn't able to take any photos! What a bummer!! There were certainly some doozies that I could have taken!
James Blunt (sp?) was one of the openers for her and he was GREAT! I never thought he was much to listen to before, but now after seeing him live I have changed my tune!
Plus, he's British! How can you go wrong with a Brit? :)
We didnt get home until about 1am and for an old gal, that's way late! Sorry Shanna! :)

Okay, so I had to post some You Tube vidoes of our new favorite addiction. They are Flight of the Conchords and they are from New Zealand. They are flipping hilarious and I have a little crush! woot woot :)

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