Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Funny and A Shout Out

Okay, so I really am trying to put together a deep, meaningful post. It's just not coming quickly. I blame the blockage on the fact that I am sleep deprived in the worst way. I have to share a couple of funnies that happened last week.
It was early in the morning and I was trying to get all 5 of my mongrels up and ready for school. I was doing the girls' hair in the back room. C (my 9yr old) was trying to help me out by getting Bug some breakfast. She's a real firecracker any time of the day, but mornings are especially a doozie for her. He got her brekkie and she was whining about how much or how little he had poured. He got annoyed. She got more annoyed. He didn't let her pour the milk because it was too full and she couldn't carry it. She is quite the self-reliant snot and this pushed her even closer to the edge. He put the milk away and told her that she could bless it herself. What!? The nerve! This pushed her completely over the edge at full throttle. She wanted him to bless her food. He was mad at her and refused. Suddenly I hear the beautiful sound of "thump thump thump Moommmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
He relayed the story to me with Bug right behind whimpering away. I told her that she could bless her own food. She asked me to go in the kitchen to bless it. (I was annoyed too at this point) I told her that I had to finish the girls' hair and she had to do it herself. She was a big girl and gave the best prayers on the food. You would have thought I poked her in the eye with the comb or something. She hooted and hollered and whined and oh my!
She sulked back to the kitchen, got up on her stool, and this is what I heard:
"waaaah ahhhhh ahhhh Dear Heavenly Father Boooooohooooooooo Waaaaaaaaah Please bless my food AHHHHHWAAAAAAAAAH AHHHHHHH Please bless Daddy's knee to feel better BOOOOOOHOOOO *sniff sniff* waaaah Please bless Mommy to feel better too. WWWWaaaahhHHHH Please help us have a good day WaaahhhhhhBooooooohooooo in the name Jesus Christ, Amen. waah *Sniff sniff*

I.have never laughed so hard. I wish I could do audio or I would have recorded it, because I would definitely be shaking hands with Tom Burgeron and graciously accepting that big fat cardboard check.


And on a completely different note. I have been reading a blog for a while, Pulsipher's Predictions. Her name is Kristina and I have never ever met her face to face. (however one day....through much stalking and heavy breathing phone calls, i just might!) She lives here in Utah and blogs about so many different things. She has an amazing wit and makes me literally "lol" each time I read her blog. I look forward to her posts. She's not even having a giveaway or anything! :P I just wanted to let everyone in on, what I think, is a great read.

Also, a friend of hers at Moss Mayhem is doing kits for Haiti right now though, so if you want to help out that way visit her blog here.

Anyway, I'm off to see what kind of trouble I can get into with a 4 yr old. The possibilities are END.LESS.